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Drone Repairs

Drone repairs suited for you! Need a fix but don’t have the time or keep putting it off? We’ll come to you! 

Genuine Parts Only

Standard Call-out fee: R300.00

Part Fabrication

We’ll fabricate any  structural parts that required for a repair of customisation, recommending the best materials for the usecase.

We look forward to helping you.

Quotation Bases

Drone Assembly

Need help putting together those parts you bought? Or are you looking for some advice on what to get? We’ll help you every step of the way! 

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Client Testimonials

Got my drone back from Elite UAVs last week. I’m really impressed. They made special arrangements to see me after hours to do an evaluation. We had a good chat about what my needs are and what needs to be done. I felt comfortable leaving it in their hands as they were very knowledgeable. I got a quote the next day and we went ahead. They stayed in constant contact throughout the service. They spent a lot of time fine tuning everything to make sure it is as stable as possible. When we met again they showed me everything that was changed and we took it for flight. They also accommodated me when I needed my drone for a job. I now feel very comfortable to fly at any time. I’m taking it for a flight this weekend! I highly recommend them for any drone related services. They are passionate about what they do and will most definitely go the extra mile. Thanks so much guys!!

Jonathan Clark-Brown 03/2016 (Facebook)

Thanks for the mission man. Super stoked to have this lady operational again, thought she was done for after that crash and the damage. Thanks for the effort in finding the issues instead of just replacing expensive parts left and right and keeping me in the loop the entire time. Excellent service that is hard to find these days. Really amped to get it back for some December missions.

Cornel Kruger 11/2019 (Instagram)

The Elite Team

Dane Kyron Robert Gerrard

Founder & Company Leader

I’ve been in the drone and UAV industry since 2015. With a strong base in drone hardware. I founded Elite UAVs to further my passion for Remote Piloted Aircraft and help others get into one of the fastest growing industries. Driving Elite UAVs since 2016 has been an exceptional challenge, but full of reward. 

Check out my LinkedIn Profile for my Professional History and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me, advice is always free!

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