Cape Town, South Africa
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At EliteUAVs we offer a unique drone repair service, we’ll come to you and assess your drone for a standard fee in the Cape Town area of R300.00.

Before repairs and parts are replaced on any drone we issue the client with a comprehensive quotation, of which an agreed deposit percentage needs to be paid beforehand.

If major repairs are required, we’ll collect the drone and keep you updated as repairs are made.

Modifications and Optimisations

We’re happy to take on any modification task to get your drone up to your needs. Whether it’s a simple bait dropper for those weekend fishing trips or you need a heavy duty upgrade to your whole system.

Don’t hesitate to get in contact, we’re always happy to chat!

Design Services

Whether you just need one component 3D modelled or you require and entire drone built from scratch we’ll take it on. No client is too big or too small.